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Updated: Jan 17

Looney Tunes purchases used records and cds all day long! Just bring in your records and cds and we will give you cash!! Or if you want store credit you get an additional 20%!!

We Buy Used LPs, CDs, DVDs & More!!

Yup, we are always looking for quality used LPs, CDs, DVDs

We Also Buy Used Turntables, Speakers & Receivers sometimes. We are always on the search for quality turntables, receivers, speakers, etc. We like brands such as Technics, Pioneer, Bang & Olufsen, Thorens, Denon, Sony, Kenwood, Marantz, Yamaha, etc. The cost of any necessary repairs WILL affect what we offer.

Buying Guidelines

We generally pay 1/2 of what we think we can sell the item for, this is an industry standard.

Most of our used CDs and DVDs sell for between 3.99 and 7.99, meaning we pay between $0.25 - $3.00 per disc.

Things to Remember When Selling LPs

Not all Beatles and Elvis albums are worth $1,000. Sorry. We wish they were, we would be retired. But unfortunately (for you) and fortunately (for them) they sold MILLIONS of records; meaning there’s a lot of them floating around. But if you have a bunch of nice condition Rock n’ Roll, Reggae, vintage R&B/Soul, Jazz, Blues, Punk/New Wave, Indie, Hip Hop, Modern Composer/Avant Garde, Old-School Country and Folk music from all over the world, by all means, bring ’em on down. *Most* Comedy, Classical, Show Tunes, and 40’s-60’s Crooner LPs are a tough sell.

Condition is very important, and LPs need to have their covers! . All vinyl needs to be in “very good” or “like new” condition. Very mild, general wear is often okay.

"I Have a Really Big Collection. Do You Make House Calls?" Yes we do. We define “big” as 400 pieces or more. Distance and scheduling factor into this. You’ll have to call to set up a time (631-587-7722). For more information selling your used records you can also email KarlJr by CLICKING HERE!

Steps that make this process easier for all involved:

  • Have decent lighting.

  • Make clear distinctions as to what you want to sell and what you don’t ahead of time.

  • If they are in some kind of order that’s just a bonus!

"But the Book / Internet Said..."

We don’t go by what any price guide says. The internet has more-or-less rendered price guides useless. Selling prices are in constant flux due to demand, availability of reissues on CD/LP, etc. Items can be $20 on a Monday and $3 on a Friday... It all depends on who wants the record, when, and what that person is willing to pay that day. We go by the 50+ combined years of experience we have to determine what any particular LP can be sold for. We have a very well-earned reputation as straight shooters. You’ll get the best deal we can offer, given the circumstances of our LP stock at the time. We look forward to doing business.

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