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We opened Looney Tunes in 1971 with the purpose of bringing joy and happiness to everyone through music. In our continuing efforts to spread the joy of music and to give back to the community that has supported us so faithfully over these many years, we are happy to announce the creation of the LOONEY TUNES MUSIC SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM.

THE LOONEY TUNES MUSIC SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend John Sadowski. John Sadowski was a long-time employee that passed away and was loved by all and is dearly missed. John's love and knowledge of music was incredibly profound and heartwarming. Dedicating this scholarship in his name is our way of keeping his love of music alive.

Looney Tunes will be awarding scholarships to two worthy high school seniors attending college with a major in the field of music. Each scholarship will be for a minimum of $1000! One young man and one young lady will be chosen. Qualifications and information on how to apply are below. Looney Tunes will be donating the first $2000 to this program. We are also going to open the program to outside donations. All the money donated will be distributed evenly between the two scholarships. We hope you will share our passion of music and consider donating to this worthy cause.

Important Dates:

1) Applications are open on 2/6/2024

2) Applications are closed on 06/01/2024

3) Winners will be announced 06/02/2024

Information on how you can apply:

1) You must be a graduating high school student going into college.

2) You must be attending college with a major in the field of music. This can be for ANY field of music. Examples of this could be, but not limited to... Music Performance, Music Teaching, Music Business, Piano, Guitar, Music Technology. etc. Any major in the field of music is acceptable.

3) Applicants can be from anywhere. Not just New York or the USA. Any student is accepted.

4) All applicants must submit a video no longer than 4 minutes in length answering the following question.

WHAT DOES MUSIC MEAN TO YOU?. Also include in the video what college you will be attending and what your major is. Tell us your story and what music means to you and what your music plans are in college and the future!

5) Videos must be uploaded to YOUTUBE. You will send us the YOUTUBE video link for us to review.

6) Video links must be emailed to with the Subject Line of LOONEY TUNES MUSIC SCHOLARSHIP.

Information on how you can donate to this scholarship program:

1) Donations can be sent via cash, check or paypal. If you have another way you would like to donate. Just reach out to us at the email and phone number below and we will be happy to accommodate.

2) If you are donating in cash, you can bring it into Looney Tunes record store and ask for Karl. You will be given a receipt for your donation immediately.

3) If you are donating via check, please make the check payable to “AKJ Record Sales” and bring into Looney Tunes record store or mail to Looney Tunes Attention: Karl Groeger ….31 Brookvale Ave. West Babylon NY 11704. Please mark donation to music scholarship on the bottom of the check. Once we receive your donation, we will send you a receipt.

4) If you are donating with paypal you can send the money to us via paypal to the address… Please not that this is for the scholarship, and we will send you a receipt for your donation.

5) If you would like to donate any other way, please email us any questions to or call us at 631-587-7722 and ask for Karl.

If you have any questions, please contact

Karl Groeger

President of Looney Tunes and head of the Looney Tunes Music Scholarship Program in honor of Mr. John Sadowski

Phone: 631-587-7722

Address: Looney Tunes

31 Brookvale Ave.

West Babylon, NY 11704

John Sadowski: Long-time Looney Tunes employee.

John worked for Polygram Records back in the day for years and then went over to Universal Music. Thats where I first met John. John became our Universal sales rep. Looney Tunes would purchase music directly from Universal and he would help us make those decisions. I remember the FIRST day we did an order together. I was looking at the new releases and John says to me "You don't want that piece...that band stinks" LOL. Now mind you it was his job to try and sell me as much music as possible. John had an incredible knowledge of music. I realized in 5 minutes that I liked him right away. THAT WAS THE DAY WE BECAME FRIENDS. John stayed our sales rep for many years. We would do our order in 10 minutes and then spend an hour talking about concerts and music. We enjoyed going to dinner and seeing tons of shows together. Years later Universal made some cut backs and John left the company. John would come to the store and we would have lunch and talk music. I asked him one day if he wanted to help us out. He said sure. AND THAT WAS THE DAY JOHN BECAME FAMILY. He was very happy coming in and talking about music to all the customers and friends. John always had a smile on his face. If you were working with John, you knew you would have a fun day. For many many years John has been a fixture at our store. His smile, his laugh, his funny dirty jokes could make your day. We loved him dearly. Our store will never be the same. We hope all of you will join us in sending our deepest condolences to Johns family during this very difficult time. There are no services at this time. The family is doing something private, however, in the Spring, there will be a Celebration of Johns Life, Of course we will share the information when it is given. We look forward to that day when we will all raise a glass and talk about the wonderful life this incredible man lived.

There will never be a day in my life that I don't think of John. I loved him very very much.

We have decided to start a music scholarship in his honor. We will have more details on that very soon. It is our way of ensuring Johns legacy and love of music will live on.

Let's all keep a little John in our hearts.


Karl, Jamie, Karl Sr, John R, Tom, Steve and the entire Looney Tunes Family.

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