Dee Snider of TWISTED SISTER will be coming to Looney Tunes on August 17th for an appearance.

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Record Store Day Drops 2021

Saturday, June 12th @ 8am
Saturday, July 17th @ 8am

Since 2008, Record Store Day has grown into the world’s largest single-day music event, shining a light on the culture of the indie record stores, like Looney Tunes, across the globe.  In 2021, that world is different, so Record Store Day will be too.  RSD is now scheduled to celebrated with special, properly distanced release dates; June 12th & July 15th.  The same titles are coming out, just spread over these 2 special dates. 1/2 of the list comes out in June & 1/2 comes out in July. You can view which titles come out on what day on the official Record Store Day website.   Record Store Day will look a little different this year but a lot will be the same too! Our main focus is offering the largest selection of titles & quantities of any store in the country! WHILE MAKING SURE THE SAFETY OF OUR CUSTOMERS IS OUR TOP PRIORITY! Here are the new rules for the 2021 RECORD STORE DAY! Be safe & we hope to see you at 8AM in June and July!

1. We will open at the normal time of 8AM on both days!


2. We will still offer FREE bagels & coffee to our customers as our way of thanking you


3. The first 50 customers will get a FREE mini bottle of hand sanitizer


4. Hand sanitizer will also be provided at the front registers


5. We ask that everyone please wear a face mask


6. You can still line up outside as normal, but PLEASE keep a 6 foot distance from each other.


7. THE TITLES WILL BE ORGANIZED DIFFERENTLY THIS YEAR! We will bring in 20 people at a time


8. All customers will follow a single file line that goes through the entire store. You will pass every single RSD release in alphabetical order. Every person will see every release & have a chance to grab what you’d like in an orderly & safe environment


9. We still limit your purchases to one of any title


10. The line will go past every single release & finish at the cash register


11. If you DO NOT want to come into the store you can wait on line & when you get to the front door a staff member can pull your order & bring it out to your car for you.


12. We will put our full remaining stock online on our official website starting 1PM on August 29th! That is different from every other year

We want to make sure your RSD experience here at Looney Tunes is the best ever! If you have any concerns or questions PLEASE just call us at 631-587-7722 or email us at info@LTCDS.com Thank you and see you on August 29th for the first of three Record Store Day Drops!!


- The Looney Staff