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SOLD OUT! Mary J. Blige Photo Op @ Looney Tunes

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Artist - Mary J. Blige
Day - Thursday February 17th
Time - 6pm
Event - Photo Meet and Greet
WOW! It is not often we have a legend at the store. That will happen this week!
Mary J Blige will be at Looney Tunes on Thursday at 6pm to meet her fans and take pictures with everyone.  Mary J Blige will be at the store to meet you and take a picture with you. WOW!
It get into this very special event you need to purchase the new MARY J BLIGE CD from Looney Tunes and you will get a special wristband to attend the event.  You can purchase the new CD online here or at at the store. If you purchsase online there is a $4 paypal fee. If you do at the store of course there is no online fee. ALL ONLINE ORDERS WILL NOT SHIP! Every single order will be held at the store and you can pick up your CD and wristband at the store today or the day of the event. Every single CD will be sold at the store and not shipped to you. Just bring photo ID and your order email.
EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN ATTENDANCE WILL NEED A WRISTBAND! So if you are coming with more then one person everyone needs a wristband! 
We will have a professional photographer to take your picture and we will post the pictures on our facebook in high res the next day for you to grab and share.
MASKS WILL BE REQUIRED PER MARYS TEAM FOR THIS EVENT! We are sorry but those are the rules we had to agree to in order to host this music legend at our store.
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