• July 24th release date
  • Ships July 23rd
  • As soon as it ships you get tracking emailed to you 
  • Packaged with great care!


This is the second pressing of this VERY VERY hard to get vinyl LP. It comes out in July and this is a pre order. Order now before this sells out again!!! 


-"Tipper’s Jettison Mind Hatch might be the best electronic album of the year (2019). The most talented musician you’ve probably never heard of. In a genre dominated by cookie-cutter rhythms and repetitive beats, it becomes easy for longtime fans of electronic music to grow bored of the once-groundbreaking category. Fortunately, 2019 has flipped the tables on this trend with the introduction of a new album by Britain’s own Dave Tipper.
Since his first musical release in 1997, Tipper has become well-known among the more devoted fans of electronic music for his unique, avant-garde approach to the genre. Jettison Mind Hatch is Tipper’s newest project, featuring a 12-track LP; it successfully continues his pattern of innovative and experimental sounds while maintaining a hallmark, somewhat pristine balance between the abject and the beautiful." - StudyBreak.com"



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