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Steve Starlust "STARLUST"

Steve Starlust "STARLUST"

Artist - Steve Starlust

Title - LostnFound

Format - Vinyl LP

Price - $25.99



In 1977, Steve Starlust and the band was about to release an LP in the United States on Capital and EMI in England, but their manager messed up and asked for too many points - so they were dropped. That was heart-breaking for the members and the band split up. The album from the Capital/EMI recordings had some great songs on it, but the original sessions dissappeared. Possibly lost forever. But now, 40 years later, Reminder Records has found them, and is excited about bringing them to you.

Starlust wrote all the music and lyrics. He explained, “we developed a new wave Tom Petty / Rolling Stones sound, with a focus on guitar in a slightly glam and punky manner. A few of the songs sounded like different groups from that era. That is because Sid Bernstein (of Beatles fame) helped engineer some of them.”

In 1977, the band’s management purchased new equipment at Manny’s Music in NYC. Steve choose a limited edition Gibson blonde Les Paul guitar adorned with gold-tone pick-ups, gold tuning pegs, and a walnut neck with diamond shaped onyx inlays. The production was limited to just 100 pieces. This axe had balls.

Two 45 rpm records were released in America by independent labels. The first, in 1977, was recorded at Kingdom Sound on Long Island and mixed at the Record Plant in NYC. Starlust noted, “Kiss was recording their first album at the Record Plant when we were there.” Side one contained a six-minute ballot called Girly Books & Magazines, which the band would perform as an encore at live shows. This was one of Joey Ramone’s favorite tunes. Side two had a two-minute jam the band opened all gigs with called Solid State Hysteria. “We jumped into the air as flash pots exploded on stage creating a strobe effect and a hot start to our shows”, he explained.

The second 45 rpm, pressed in 1980, was by the Grapplers on Sonic Records. It was recorded live in a small venue in NYC with a new lead guitarist, Columbia recording artist Brian Unger. Side A featured the song Tonites the Nite and side B featured the song Who Are They to You. Both were energetic, upbeat crowd pleasers that began with a time-keepers bell and a ring announcer, ala professional wrestling. The words to the tunes were on an insert in the printed picture jacket.

During the 70’s, he performed as the Steve Starlust Band and then became the Grapplers - the first Rock n' Wrestling connection before Cindy Lauper. Steve was even given a chance to write for Inside Wrestling magazine. 

Our loyal fans followed us as we performed in NYC, in clubs, and touring the east coast of America. The band appeared with such great groups as the Ramones, Leslie West, Debbie Harry, Foghat, and more. We played the first New Years Eve concert on a new cable phenomenon called “Showtime.”  In a review of the show, Mark D. Snider (Dee’s brother) wrote “Their original material was good. As good as most of the new-wave music today. His song “Girlie Books & Magazines” has potential. The sound was professional and the band was tight.” 

Warming up for NYC top acts brought the band notoriety to headline many shows on Long Island, Staten Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

“I was even invited to be in Twisted Sister, when their guitarist left to start Pretty Poison. I attended their first show on Long Island and was invited by Davey JoHansen (New York Dolls) to stay at his apartment in NYC. I was flattered, but I preferred chicks. I enjoyed about 300 wild, sexy groupies during my performance days.”
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Steve was born in Brooklyn, New York and grew up on Long Island. He attended Bay Shore Jr. and Senior High Schools where he put together many bands with talented local musicians., His bands participated and won many “Battle of the Bands”. He performed cover tunes and some originals. A three piece band “The Straws” would play sweet sixteen partes and dances. Steve sang lead, played guitar and keyboards. The “DIAMONDS” formed in 1976 was his first venture into the club and concert scene. The other members were Tommy Racanelli on lead, Steve Algor on drums, and Paul Scarlota on bass.

Here is a chronology of bands and their members:

Steve Starlust - guitar, lead vocals • Paul Lowry - bass, vocals • Paul Thau - lead guitar • Steve Algor - drums, percussion, vocals

Steve Starlust band (1978)
Steve Starlust - guitar, lead vocals • Anthony Trezza - bass, vocals • Danny Rivera - lead guitar • 
Mike Trezza - drums, percussion

The GRAPPLERS (1980)
Steve Starlust - guitar, lead vocals • Paul Lowry - bass, vocals • Brian Unger - lead guitar, vocals • Ed “shark” Bettinelli - drums, percussion

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