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Blackbriar "A Dark Euphony"

Blackbriar "A Dark Euphony"

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Blackbriar has refined their dark and seductive vision of alternative/gothic metal to surreal, cinematic levels with three previous EPs and their first full-length offering in 2021's The Cause of Shipwreck. With a strong internet presence with over 214,000 YouTube subscribers and 46.1 million channel views as well as 27.6 million Spotify streams and 150,000 monthly streamers on the platform, Blackbriar is ready to lure you into the sea. Prepare to be swept away by addictive hooks, theatrical soundscapes, and darkly whimsical storytelling as the band, now signed to Nuclear Blast Records, sets their sights on a 2023 follow-up, accompanied by long-time collaborator Joost van den Broek.

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