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75-Pack Disposable Cleaning Cloths

75-Pack Disposable Cleaning Cloths

- Shipped within 24 hours of your order

- Packaged with great care


75 wet record cleaning wipes!! Disposable wipes


Vinyl Record Disposable Cleaning Wipes - We've teamed up with a great company to bring you high quality cleaning products for your records!


Safe. Simple. Effective.


Made from ultra-soft and sustainable bamboo. 100% biodegradeable.


Specifically designed for a light to medium cleaning of your vinyl records before play. Our unique RP NP-9.3 solution has been adapted to work with an easy to use disposable cloth. Our pre-saturated cloths are made from a super soft 100% bamboo fabric and are completely biodegradeable. Cleaning of your vinyl records has never been so easy.

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